Principal's Message

Matt McMahan


“Having the opportunity to offer the families of YES Prep a Pre-K to College education is truly a dream come true. As the son of an elementary school nurse, I witnessed first-hand how the work done in the primary schools is fundamental to ensuring that students have equal access and opportunities to college and beyond. It is my purpose to create a school where every student feels represented, supported and encouraged to pursue their individual passions and succeed. At Southeast Elementary we are committed to ensuring that every SPARK achieves and grows into the most amazing citizens they can be.”

About Matt McMahan

Before living in Houston, Matt called New York City home. He received his Bachelor of Music from Oklahoma City University in musical theater and during his time in New York worked for Disney, toured North America, and performed on Broadway. Matt began volunteering at a school in the South Bronx in 2014 and found his true calling in education. He joined Teach For America and continued at the school where he had volunteered. He taught first, second and third grade and received his Master of Science degree in Special Education from Brooklyn College. In 2017 McMahan moved to Houston to serve in a firs grade classroom after Hurricane Harvey. After completing a year-long early childhood program through the Glasscock School at Rice University, Matt joined the Rice Urban Leaders cohort in 2020 and is now a certified Principal in the state of Texas. Matt has served the YES Prep families and community for the past five years as a Literacy Specialist, Director of Campus Operations and in 2022 Matt joined the Resident Principal program and began his service at Southeast Elementary. Matt is a fierce advocate for equity and believes that every child deserves access to the highest quality academic, social and cultural programming.